Label launch

If you have heard of DJ Garffi3 / Filthoid / Phixomni then you know what to expect.
If you haven't then get to know!

The imprint's will be

Filthoid Recordings
Audiosoul Recordings

Digital releases only (A big sorry to the avid vinyl collectors)

It won't be everybody's cup but if you like what you hear
you will be able to purchase from
itunes, beatport, dnba etc in the very near future!

Genre styles will primarily be Drum & Bass (All sub genres)
but will also feed your hunger for Dubstep, house & old skool garage

Your support will be much appreciated!

Heres some link's and I will keep you all posted on new release's and event's TBA :teef:

BIG UP and thx for having a read ;)

For all you "know it all" haters rant away lol