Drum & Bass Label Launch - Fine Print Audio

Label Launch - Fine Print Audio
Reason Why E.P

Release Date: 12th Nov 2012

Listen Here: http://soundcloud.com/renzofineprint

Fineprint Audio is a brand new Dnb label, launching with the Reason Why EP from Renzo. Although the EP marks the label’s debut release, Fineprint Audio have been representing their sound for a number of years, with live shows in a number of line ups, proving their versatility and indomitable energy for music. This energy and passion is reflected in spades on the Reason Why EP.

Regular collaborator Jasmine lends vocals to four of the tracks on the EP, including the beautiful opener Truth. The track builds, with a shimmering, flowing intro. Finely balanced vocals glide over electronic-sounding beats before things are beefed up by an extended drop into a rough, rising bassline. Solid kicks are counterbalanced by strident piano later, as Jasmine’s vocals return, wrapping the track in soul. Things are closely followed by Reason Why. This one plays to the dancefloor a bit more, with some serious synth/bass work, and morphed effects as background. The vocals are still piercing, but take more of a backseat to some gut-wrenching, brain-melting beats and bass.

Watergate is enough to make you write to the President. The track moves up in the mix, catching you unawares as it develops from its initial beats into a fuller combination of underground flavours and running effects. Renzo has poured heart and soul into the production on the Reason Why EP, and it’s not hard to see the potential for the label. With Rumdar, things are taken in another direction. The tinkle of piano coexists with a chainsaw bass, as ethereal vocals guide us along a path to the main drop. After a clattering drum break, Renzo and Jasmine inhabit a world between drum & bass and dubstep, with a fine smattering of breaks to complete the picture. Renzo’s music oozes into your brain, never to escape.

The label has prepared a very special VIP of the title track to close things up. The gorgeous opening might lull you into a sense of security, but things soon get brutal, with razor-sharp stabs coming over the top of a truly titanic bassline. The VIP manages to be both hauntingly touching and sonically punishing, showcasing what is making Renzo and Fineprint Audio stand out as we look to 2013.