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    Ezz folks,

    after lots of work we are happy to present you our new launched imprint “Destination Recordings”. Destination Recordings is located in Hamburg/Germany, owners are Sahara and Homebass.

    The first vinyl release is scheduled for end of february 2006 and includes two tracks from “Euphoria”. Two massive dancefloorsmashers without any compromises which will set every floor on fire. These tracks are not only business as usual.

    Further, we will provide more tracks from different artists on vinyl as well as on the mp3 market in the future. All releases can be ordered directly on our website or check your local record store.

    Our website will still grow and more features will be added to make things even more easy for you all e.g. shopping.

    For any information, feedback or shouts please visit our website and use the contact address in our contact section.

    Clips for Destination 001:


    What's your destination???

    Release Info Destination Rec. 001:
    a: Euphoria – Thought Control
    b: Euphoria – Chaos Rave
    + Video Edits of both tracks
    Release Date: 02/2006


    Homebass & Sahara aka Euphoria
    Destination Recordings
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    Nice one guys, I wish you all the best with your label and i hope it all goes well!!! X ammount of respect guys!!!
    Big Ups and Peace n Love
    Foz B