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Hi people! Hope your all well today. I was after some advise, I sent a demo out to a few labels and one got back to me last week asking if it was still available to sign. I sent an email back saying yes it was and hope to hear from you soon. How long should I wait before sending them another email or should I just leave it. Cheers

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Mar 8, 2007
its a difficult call, you might feel the label is uninterested but there's no harm in checking the situation by sending them a polite email. No label on the planet gets angry when a potential artist asks a question about the status of a release, do bear in mind though that repeated emails can be annoying if something has already been explained.

Really just keep things formal but friendly and remember that a lot of labels depending on their size and status may be extraordinarily busy.

So let's say a week is acceptable in my mind under these circumstances. The label should let you know some info on their idea for your tracks release possibly talking about mastering / artwork / roster schedule depending on what they're plans are.

So just fire them over an email, if you get no reply within a week, then send another since he could be on holiday and needs to catch up. Don't send them daily though that's annoying... and as I say polite and friendly.


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Nov 16, 2008
definitely be patient if you like the label, send a follow up email explaining you'd like to get the music out and can wait a couple of weeks.

If they don't get back to you after a couple of weeks it may be time to send elsewhere, just depends if you really like the label.
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