House LABEL CHART - TOP FOUR ONLINE (Prog.House) as of 11/06/12

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    Congrats to VTT and all the labels.

    LABEL CHART - TOP FOUR ONLINE in PROGRESSIVE HOUSE (as of 11/06/12) Based on YouTube presence, eMusic charts, 2012 active releases their relative distributors top labels.
    (from L. to R.) Po.-Label-YouTube Subscribers-Video Views-artists-2012 Active releases

    1. VTT YouTube Subs:3172 Video Views:291,118 Distributor:Defamation/Ditto Artistso_O.B.One / Aggravated Measures Active Releases on eMusic:1 (5 to be droppoed)
    2. Seamless Records YouTube Subs:232 Video Views:93,478 Distibutor: PIAS Artists:Jakabar / M & D Substance Active Releases on eMusic:39
    3. Silk Digital YouTube Subs:20 Videi views:7203 Distributor:Silk Digital Artists:SHINGO NAKAMURA Active Releases on eMusic:35
    4. Whoop Records YouTube Subs:1 Video Views:93 Distributor:pIAS Artists:Toxic Nation / Kenny's Back Active Release on eMusic:89