La Roux -- In for the kill DNB remix -- DRAFT!!!


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Jun 28, 2007
ezz people, me and me mate lazy j have been puttin our heads togeather on the production front for about a year now and just started on a lil remix of the skream version of the in for the kill tune by la roux...

Lazy is defiently the more keen of us on the producing side of things but my keen edge for djing is givin us opportunities to play our tunes out and get some well needed reactions from the crowds..

basically got the layout of the tune how we want it, just need to work to the dynamics of the bass's and drums..

all im lookin for really is some pointers in the right direction..

its all been made on reason 4.0

anyways ive cut a clip so its from just before the drop, have a listen n let me know what you think..

Bearin in mind, its only a draft version so far..

cheers in advanced

had a listen,

um, not thats is a lame effort, but......

the drums, dunno how to put it, they are more like rock drums that dnb drums, couldnt really detect a good snare hit to give it some umph, and use dif sounds for the shuffles.

bass - couldnt really detect the full sub on my little heaphones but i think u could make it a bit stronger.

ye cheers mate,

i had the same prob on my headphones at work but on a set of nice speakers the sub does pull through nicely..

no wt u mean about the drums, need to break some space up so that the snare can hit harder and also work on the shuffles,,

cheers for listenin anyways mate, big ups
ye i no wt u mean, when i was listenin back i was rememberin how slow and deep the skream remix is and thought we might have ruined it buy dnb'in it up. fuk nos tho it aint gna be a serious one, just somin to piss about wiv..

we've done a let me be your fantasy remix aswell which is gettin good response.. will upload a clip at some point
wrnt realli a fan of the HC remix... but ye i was aware there is one.

and dont get me wrong im not tryin to say that ours is betta or anything kos its clearly not.

i no what this forum is like lol
ha ha no worries mate, tbh i didnt know if u knew or not.
Yours aint bad, just the sections u mentioned that need fixing up the b line could go in a different direction imo, the way u took it, is a bit wierd at first but im sure on a system is may sound alrite?
I like the drum pattern in the hc one an the speed at which it is, cause the way u sped it up sounds a bit drastic after hearin the skream version an hc one.
But keep at it if u want tips on drums, filter envelopes are a way to get a kick n snare to sound fat, lowpass envelopes on a kick an a high pass ones on a snare, this works a treat.
An for this type of bass u need to fill the mid range with a few wobble type layers, obviously high pass em a bit so the sub dont clash.
Plus the need for more whooshey noises an fx n shit of course. Hope it goes well n post a finished copy wen ur done, safe!
I think in for the kill might be too slow for a dnb remix to work as well as say, the skream mix. That's why I don't like the hc version, at least, just sounds too fast and artificial. I reckon slowing your version down is the best thing you could do atm. You could get away with it being 165bpm i reckon. Not sure tho. Either way, I like it more than the hc version already
im not realy a fan of the hc version but its ok i think that your version has allot of potential but yeah the drum pattern is a bit too fast
cheers for tha comments people.. gna put our heads togeather asap and try n work on the drums and dynamics of the tune!!

will post up a updated version when we got one..

big ups
Damien, like your track mate, although it doesnt firmly fit into any dnb genres (and in no way is that a bad thing) it sounds more like Hybrid-esque nuskool breaks....fucking excellent track. whered you get the acca?
Re: La Roux -- In for the kill DNB remix Damian Richards

Hello mate,

Glad you liked the track.. i know exactly what you mean..

sort of remixed it how i would like it to sound if i was out and someone just dropped a mad tune ( if your with me )

i used the skream vocal from the original track, eq'd it compressed it then chopped it up. been working on it for about a week, still have loads of pre production to finish.

Cheers for the feedback

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