La Roux - For the kill // Ind-ex DnB remix

Nice kick drum! I would say the snare is very dry though and maybe a bit too high in the mix and not hitting low enough frequency wise. also it feels like somethings missing from the low mids - you seem to have got a gap between the sub and bass hoover sound - which makes the mix sound a little top end heavy for me. some of your breaks aint lined up/timestretched right cos theres definite gaps at the end of some bars. plus when you drop to the breakdown (3:15) it sounds like the tunes ending cos you fade everything out as one which makes the tune lose its momentum - maybe work on that abit and get an analyser on your master to look for gaps - best way is analyse your fav tune (or a similar tune to the sound you were going for) look at how and where that hits - then look at yours and see the difference. keep at it :)
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nice 1 fella, we'll ave a look into those areas when we get a chance,, the tunes startin to loose its catch now due to everyone getting overly bored with the lyrics which is a shame but fuk it.

cheers again mate