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    Jul 18, 2011
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    Hello Mates!
    I put together a fresh set of some great tunes I found here on slicknfresh plus a nice bit of classics for you all to enjoy! I hope everyone is having an EXCELLENT summer so far :)


    Intro - (sampled from Todd Edwards- Shut the Door [Healed from within])
    Nightcrawlers - Push the Feeling (Junior Dodgers Remix)
    th Note - Wasn't it the 4x4
    Solution - Take me Away
    Mr. Pud feat. Fudge - Be Your Man (Pud's 4x4 Remix)
    Submerse - 2ru Groove (Duncan Powell Remix)
    Duncan Powell - Pushing
    Solution - Dreaming
    Bump Alliance - In ur Heart
    Solution - So Long
    Todd Edwards - Radio Thing
    Monz - In My Head
    Sol Ski - As Far as I Used to Be
    Livin Out Loud - All That Really Matters (MJ Cole Remix)
    Agzamoff - Badbwoy (Static Electric 4x4 Mix)
    Detox & Leon1Love - Feelin Free (Alessandro Remix)
    FixBeat - Everyone Should
    Kontigo - Stars Fall (Submerse Remix)
    Artful Mark - CJBTB (Club Mix)
    The Superman Lovers feat. Rick Bailey - Take a Chance on Love (Todd Edwards Time Machine Instr.)
    Mentalinstrum - I Surrender
    Groove Skool feat. Alessandro - Give Your Love
    Eastwood - You Ain't Ready (Danny B-Line 4x4 Mix)
    Mark Krupp - Feel the Vibe
    Liam F - Surrey Sun
    MJ Cole feat. Shea - Never Say Never