KuttinBeatz radio needs your mixtapes

Hi all, KuttinBeatz is an up-and-coming Drum & Bass social network with radio, events, a wicked members section, other event listings, as well as all the latest Drum and Bass releases.

What we need from all you Drum and Bass DJ's is your mix sets for our radio, and of course to sign up on the site and get things moving.

Please post any mix tapes you have that you would like us to broadcast, but to make the cut they must follow these few simple rules...

No less than 128Kbps
Between 30 and 60 minutes long.. (or longer but please state this when posting)
But be of the genre Drum and Bass, Jungle, or Dubstep

And that's it.. don't forget we are also looking for DJ's to broadcast live on a regular basis, see site for details..

I look forward to hearing your sets, Peace!