Kut d mc's Trigga n Nutcracka 2009

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Jan 23, 2009


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nah it's proper fucked, trigga and nutcracka sound like matey off of saw and you can't even hear the tunes. just a noise.
Big Up Kut D, Triggz n Nutcracka..........

I remember this intro at Kut D's B'day bash last year, was buzzin!! Sick Tune!!!!

Whole set is Sick!!!

SDC n Flying Squad Run Tingz!!!!
Love the way Trigga n Nutcracka buss up some old skool Palma da Charma lyrics

'some gyal tek 1 finger, 2 finger, 3 finger, 4 finger, some gyal tek the whole fist'

'we don't want no slappa from aiya napa'

Big Up Palma da Charma where ever you deya!!!
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