Kushouse Volume 2 by Akoma...


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Nov 29, 2011
Easy all

Posted this yesterday but in the wrong section...

1st post here so here´s a little bit about me : Began producing about 2 years ago, and began mixing around 1 year ago... Not got any particular stye of DnB i prefer, it generally depends on my mood and where I am. Based in Lancashire in a tiny ass town called colne where I help run a small but relatively popular night called Subversion, I also play weekly shows on www.konflict-radio.com /// Sundays 6-8pm w/ Budha & Mondays 10pm -11pm on the solo session.

Anyway heres my latest mix for anyone that fancies a listen, theres a download link in the description aswell. Any comments or feed back are greatly appreciated. Kinda thrown abit of everything in here so there should be a few tunes for everyone.


Also my older mix and my very old productions can be found here www.soundcloud.com/akoma

Big upz to all

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