KUNG Fu Drum n' Bass!

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    Juan Jose Diaz, otherwise known as KUNG, is a young producer of drum and bass music, reigning from Granada, Spain. His beginnings in electronic music began some years ago, but it was not until 2007 that he decided to devote himself to it professionally.

    Kung's first release was in The Factory Digital Recs Georgia. Shortly after, labels suchas Ammunition Recordings (USA) and Melting Pot (Spain) also worked with him to cultivate and push his sounds to the masses. Kung's tunes were widely accepted by the public, and also from some major producers, both domestically, and internationally (Possible Axiom Remix Incoming Ammo!)

    In 2010, Kung also joins some very respected labels suchas C2D (UK) and the up'n'coming Black Seeds (ITALY). 2010 is shaping up to be a very promising year for Kung. But don't let us tell you... these are only words... inflict yourself with his sounds!

    Currently out now on Ammunition's 36th Digital installment, we bring you Kung's "Subpoetry" EP! Massive tunes showcasing his diverse sound! High energy, melodic, minimal, whatever you enjoy, be sure to checkout this EP! Massive support from some of dnb's finest!

    Contact Kung Here:

    As always, bigup for the support! Hope you enjoy :)