Kulture Project - Blog Launch! And what I've been working on recently...


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Mar 13, 2018
Easy guys,

First time posting in here but feeling positive as this seems like the most active Drum & Bass forum I've seen as of yet so big up. Adding it as a tab on my browser, hopefully it becomes a staple in my D&B resources in the future.

Just wanted to introduce The Kulture Drum & Bass Project and what i'm doing at the minute.

I started The Kulture Project just over a year ago when I decided Manchester could do with a regular night that promotes the kind of D&B that i'm into (Liquid, Jungle, Neuro, Dark, Minimal etc.) basically steering away from the Jump Up/Heavy Rollers/Strictly Jungle scenes which are quite big here.

There is a lot of talent coming through producing some really nice music at the minute so another idea behind the project was to help bring through producers and DJs to get more exposure to the scene through our events and our SoundCloud.

Myself and some other enthusiastic heads are starting a Blog this Thursday and it's due to be launched this week if it's ready in time. It will be focusing on covering artists, events, releases and more from the city of Manchester AND BEYOND.

We've got our second event coming up on Thursday 15th March with Koherent, Sl8r, Orpheus and plenty more playing over 2 floors along with another Manchester party, a London summer party and a Glasgow crossover on the cards so we're set to have one hell of a 2018 so far.

I will post a link to the blog once it's up but in the meantime please like/follow on Facebook and Soundcloud, and check out some of the tracks we've been putting out.

Also, if you're a producer and you're interested in featuring your music on our channel message me or the page.

Big up!

Footsoldier x
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