Kryteria & Anxiety::Respect the Gun EP:: March 19th


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Jul 15, 2008
March 19th::ABDIG010::Abducted Records presents::

Kryteria & Anxiety::Respect the Gun EP


a:: Respect the Gun
b:: Daywalker feat Diode
c:: Crocodile Jukebox
d:: On Your Own


This amazing EP will take you on a journey from the Brutal to the Beautiful. Kryteria and Anxiety team up to create a brilliant EP that pushes boundaries that they have never pushed before. Packed with everything from Grungy beats, to dancefloor killers, these two artists bring in their signature rolling drums, epic synth work, brilliant concepts, and adding a new spice of amazing piano work as well into the mix! Be sure to check out this EP and you will know why both Kryteria and Anxiety are two of dnb's BIGGEST up and coming artists of 09!

Chris Renegade(Lifted Music)
Yo man, you lot have come correct with this EP. Proper into the title track Respect the Gun, the moody synth leads and rolling drums, wicked mix on it! Keep it up,big up!

Kryteria coming correct yet again with an ep full of smashers,The title track Respect the Gun stands out to all the rest with it's moody synth leads and rolling drums all topped by an uplifting piano rift sure to get the crowd into it,Daywalker comes across as a heavy hitter sure to rock it,On your Own features a deep subline backed up by some wicked synths and precise edits and don't let Crocodile Jukebox fool you by the nature of the vocals,It's a banger!

Supporting Dj's

Chris Renegade(Lifted Music)
Zeal & Litta
Rico & Scoop

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