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    Artist: Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch
    Format: 12" vinyl / Digital Download
    Catalogue number: DCOM026
    Release Date: OUT NOW!

    In the first of a selected number of exclusive releases from the phenomenal 'Two Swords' mix project, Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch continue to cut their own dazzling path with all the poise and independence of Japanese martial experts.

    A. Way Of The Warrior

    A haunting meditation on the destiny of the samurai opens this hypnotic, neurofunked masterpiece, where twisted analogue bass is whiplashed by shards of snarling, buzzsaw mids, and stealth-roller drums thump out a lesson in the art of war. Daring, majestic and steeped in drama – classic Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch…

    AA. Last Samurai

    An absolute standout track for any era or genre of drum & bass, 'Last Samurai' is the sound of Photek's 'Modus Operandi' and classic Metalheadz fused and updated for 2008. A breathless looped vocal flutters and disappears amid jawdropping stereo-panning drum fills and snaking, menacing beats. One of the year's must-have tunes!

    "Another pair of wonderfully textured soundscapes from two genuine artists. Fluid, focused, epic." – Knowledge mag, July 2008