Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Far East b/w Worms - DCOM025

A) Far East

AA) Worms - Leon Switch

After the success of their 'Lost All Faith' Album Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch are back, with this outstanding release.

A. ‘Far East’ (Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch)

Eerie pads and ethnic esq vocals from the off sets the mood for what is to follow in this outstanding thought provoking track. Intricate but clean drums helps build the emotion and feel, while the constantly evolving noises steps the pace up nicely for what is to follow in this jaw dropping raw but catchy analogue bass line which has torn though many speakers all over the globe. Once you have heard this track rip through any club speakers, it is guaranteed to be locked in your head.

AA. ‘Worms’ – Leon Switch

Leon Switch is left to his own devices on the flip, with devastating results. ‘Worms’ sets off with what can only be described as cinematic meets eastern, giving the listener the idea that this is a mellow piece, if you think that then you are very much mistaken. What this is, Is Nuero funk with soul a blend of well written musical orchestration with dance floor appeal with a huge stomping bass line, which twists and turn through out this 6 minute master piece. Arguably Leon’s finest hour to date.

Distributed by: SRD


Download available now from the Defcom Store.
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