DnB Kruze Promo Mix // EAST FORMS Drum&Bass


Jan 9, 2017

Burning selection blazing with massive bass lines and flaring rhythms

[Hong Kong]

Raised on Southern New Zealand DnB, Kruze grew up with his head in the record bins discovering the likes of Noisia, Black Sun Empire, The Upbeats and High Contrast.
A penchant for Hi-Fi developed his sense for melodic liquid
and experimental neurofunk that pushes the boundaries.
Living in Hong Kong, Kruze has played the underground club circuit of
Oma, Basement, XXX and 9/F for the likes of Heavy HK, Soul Healing, Unchained, Synthetik and MIST. His most recent project, State of Bass HK has
been devastating Central Hong Kong with a mixture of heavy neurofunk
and jump up DnB every month.

Survey - Rush To Judgement [DSCI4]
Chromatic - Lung [Innerground Records]
Scar - Make 'Em Know [Metalheadz]
Foreign Concept - Skit City feat. Fox [Critical Music]
Total Science & Break - Big Time Winners [Computer Integrated Audio]
Silent Witness - Fields [Horizons Music]
Klute - Angel Makers [Commercial Suicide]
Foreign Concept & Halogenix - Waiheke Wine Club [Critical Music]
Bredren - High On Yourself feat. Manon Gogos (Gerra & Stone Remix) [Proximity Recordings]
Need for Mirrors & Concord Dawn - Junk [Warm Communications]
R1C0 - Minus Forty [Soul Deep Digital]
Silence Groove - Angelic [Offworld Recordings]
Command Strange - In Circles [V Recordings]
Green Vibes - Take Me Out [Live History Records]
Silence Groove - Whistler [Fokuz Recordings]
DLR - Unusual Behaviour feat. Signal [Dispatch Recordings]
Zombie Cats & Safra - Ra [Major League DnB]
MVRK - Blizzard Bluff [Proximity Recordings]
Corrupted & Mr. Fuzz - Bussaback [The Dreamers Recordings]
Artificial Intelligence - Privilege feat. Sense [Metalheadz]
Fearful & Amoss - The Bends [Flexout Audio]
Instinkt - Xhale [Lifestyle]
Drum Force 1 - Distance [Nu Venture Records]
SubMarine - Nitro (Wintermute Remix) [Boundless Beatz]
Monty - Far Side [Red Light Records]
Borderline - Momentus [Project 51 Recordings]
Neonlight - Microbots [Blackout Music NL]
Fierce & Zero T - Gaslight [Quarantine Recordings]
Total Science & Digital & Spirit - Under Pressure [CIA v Phantom Audio]
Deep Notion - Let's Get Grimey [Night45uk]
Black Sun Empire & Pythius - Scarif [Blackout Music NL]
Zero T & Fierce - Bonesmen [Metalheadz]
Noisia - Motion Blur (DLR Remix) [Vision Recordings]
Beta 2 feat. Eva - Manufacturism [Horizons Music]
Mr. Frenkie - Tire Fire [Concussion Records]
Klute - Soul Boy [Commercial Suicide]
Soul Intent - Into the Unknown (For Diane) [Lossless Music]
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