DnB KRSPY - Dungeon Bass Sessions #2


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Nov 26, 2009
Alberta, Canada
Very excited to introduce Part 2 of my Dungeon Bass mix series. A 1 hour long dark mixture of neuro and halftime drum and bass. Download and enjoy!


1. Ivy Lab-Salt Toffee (Original Mix)
2. Shield (DK)-Slang feat. Ivy Lab (Original Mix)
3. Kiril-Turn Back Time (Original Mix)
4. Monty-The Savage Chase (Original Mix)
5. Ed Rush, Optical-Compound (Original Mix)
6. BassBrothers-Tuff Tuna (Original Mix)
7. Alix Perez, Ivy Lab-Fortuna (Original Mix)
8. Machinedrum, Kevin Hussein-Dos Puertas feat. Kevin Hussein (Alix Perez Remix)
9. Mark System-Break Glass (Original Mix)
10. Hydro, Total Science, War-Denial (Original Mix)
11. Sub Focus-Deep Space (Original Mix)
12. Alix Perez-Blips (Original Mix)
13. Kiril-Minimal Instinkt (Original Mix)
14. Ivy Lab-Forex VIP (Original Mix)
15. Ivy Lab-Socket (Original Mix)
16. Hydro, Total Science, War-Straight G (Original Mix)
17. Agressor Bunx-The Suffering (Original Mix)
18. Cause4Concern-Ricochet (Agressor Bunx Remix)
19. Beta 2-Speckled Dots (Original Mix)
20. OneMind-Pullup (Original Mix)
21. Lewis James-Snook (Original Mix)
22. Shyun-ZigZag (Original Mix)
23. Spline-Injection (Original Mix)
24. Monty-The Underground Fable (Original Mix)
25. Phaction-Should Have Known (Original Mix)
26. Survival-Roots (Original Mix)
27. Black Sun Empire-Chaingang (Jade Remix)
28. The Prototypes & Prolix-Enter the Void
29. Black Sun Empire & Noisia-The Veil
30. Bad Company-Seizure (Original Mix)
31. Nymfo-Barfly
32. Ivy Lab-Hiya (feat. Havelock) feat. Havelock (Original Mix)
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