KROT - Bunker Ep - DataMod019

OUT NOW! - Krot : Bunker EP - datamod019
(A) Bunker*(with Hightech)
(B) Inverse Armony*
(C) Spectre Of Subways

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KROT [Modulate | Tamp3cords | Mindtech]
KROT (Kiril Orlov) begins his career in 2006. Predilection to drumandbass has appeared as soon as 1998 when Kirill was only 8 years old. He started to write music in 2005 but his DJ career begins in 2007 in a club called "Tunnel" and on the catamaran "Sapphire". The same year Krot gets in touch with Peter Shershnev (Selector) and starts a collaboration, soon abandoned for a solo career. Since 2007 to this days he works hard on new tracks and keeps raising his production skills. In 2008 Krot gets in touch with Evgeniy Besman (Dj Bes). At that time Bes was searching for new ideas on the Russian neurofunk scene and Kirill's tracks started to get podcasted on «» regularly in a global network. In early 2009 he signs the tune "Tourniquet" on Dj Bes' mp3 label TAMP3CORDS, together with two other tracks into the "Tourniquet EP", receiving good feedback from Russian drumandbass lovers. The beginning of 2009 is perhaps the turning-point in his creativity, signing new tracks on such labels as Mindtech, Modulate and TILT.