Kronix - Moonlit Waters (Liquidy roller)

Mr Fletch

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Aug 6, 2009
Essex, England
This track kinda put itself together within a couple of hours, it was one of those moments where everything just fell into place!

Now dont get too excited, it's nothing groundbreaking.....but it is a nice little liquid roller. I understand I need to add a little variation to it, which I will get round to at the weekend, but for now, I thought I'd throw it on here for some well needed feedback (and here's hoping I get a little more of that than I have on my last couple of tracks)

Rather liked that my friend! Was only listening on laptop speakers (the actual laptop ones, not plugged into anything) but it still sounded good to me :) I did kinda find it a bit repetitive though. In all honesty though when isn't dnb and dubstep repetitive!? :lol:

Had a kinda trancey vibe to it, hope your not a trance hater now! haha
Good job on this one, as i said in the comment i always preferred ur more melodic stuff. However i agree with Jordan, it gets kinda repetative after a while. Maybe a switch in the drums, or some crazier modulations on the bass in the 2nd part would work well
In all brutal honesty I have to admit I hated the pianos.. Might just be my headphones boosting random freq's [they do that sometimes..] but they sound really plastic to me and seem to lack a "human touch" if you catch my drift.
Cheers guys, appreciate it.

Like I said, it all fell together in a couple of hours. I'm gonna go back at the weekend and tidy things up, add variation, toy with the piano sounds a little more
Oh shit sorry man! I didn't actually read your post, just posted in here cause I listened on soundcloud previously :)

Just noticed you already said you needed to add variation. Let us know when its done :D
Yeah, get on those pianos and humanize them a bit, mess up the second part a bit more, add some incidentals.. You've got yourself a tune mate.

Just a quick though; the pads like, they go pretty straight forward 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, I'd break like every 7th or something up a bit, add a bit of an unexpected element to it and maybe follow it through with the drums, bass, other elements.. You know?
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