Dubstep KRONIX - Human Race


Nucleoid Drum & Bass
Dec 20, 2011
Haarlem, Netherlands
The vocals fit in nicely, they could be a bit louder imo. I like the song as a whole, but I feel it lacks a bit of a build (especially at the first drop.. :s) and it's kind of.. full? Maybe cut some mids or make it wider, I don't know. Just seems a bit overdone here and there.


Unsigned DnB Producer
Jun 18, 2011
Santa Clara/San Diego
awesome shit. nice drum work, keeps me at the edge of my seat and goes really well with the synth work. vocals are sick, also goes well with the vibe and adds a human element to it which i think a lot of darker dubstep lacks. imo of course. love the basslines as well, good job!

actually i just finished my first dubstep song, since you seem to have that trade down really well, id love some feedback! http://soundcloud.com/w3st_official/adele-set-fire-to-the-rain

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