KRONIX - HEX EP (Free DL) (Deep Dubstep)

Mr Fletch

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Hey guys, havnt posted much up here for a while as I've been working hard on a few tracks for a few different labels. But inbetween those I've managed to knock up a few more that aren't going anywhere so figured I'd throw out a Free EP for everyone.

Here it is.


DnBF Sheriff
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All in all I like three out of the four tracks.

I think hex is the big winner for me. It is like some sort of evil slow house. The mix sounds perfect on my end. The dark, evil, haunting sounds are great. I guess it just makes feel like, if someone broke into my house, I would want this song to play while I walk around in the dark looking for the son of a bitch.

Anthrax is a cool song. It reminds me of the first reason I used to like dub-step. A fast moving fluid bass that pulls you forward and slow moving drums that pull you back. The two different elements have a weird effect on the brain and I like it.

Titan is a little boring to me. It sounds like, what I am assuming is the resonance on the bass, is to muddy or not present enough. Just something off about it that makes the wobble growl not right. I also think the sub-region of the bass is not present enough.

Nostradamus is cool song. The drums are really fun. You have lots of subtle sound spices in your track that keep it interesting, like the little piano stab. The mechanical growl that shows up every now and then is perfect. The vocal is cool. Very nice.