Kronix - Emergency [FREE DL]

I like it Fletch even if no one else does...

Sooo what's it like being KRONIX? Is it better? Are you getting more chicks and that? :cool:
Not bad, I feel like the bass around the 120hz-300hz region should be boosted a little and high-end toned down just a tad. I also noticed some weird sub bass volume variations, not sure if intentional, but I constantly looked around because it sounded like someone was making noises outside my apartment or in my living room hahahahaha.

Overall great track though and enjoyed it! :)
Only on Computer speakers so can't tell you much about mixdown and that. All sounds good though so to your average listener it should be alright :)

Not going to lie though, Jump up ain't my thing unless I am partaying :lol: Not a bad track but please don't convert ! ;)
Large amount of energy here. I like that background arp! Mixdown sounds a quite good on my new rokit's. :) Maybe more variations with mid-range-basses could give more depth but that's just my opinion. Breakdown on 2:40 is really simple but works with me, especially that lowering bass, just pitched down? Tight-ass production mate, keep 'em coming! ;)
Yup a very energetic tune indeed. And i agree, all bout that background arp thingy. Its fucking nuts !
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