Kronix / Dead Noise System - Black Hole

Mr Fletch

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Hey guys. I'm never sure if I should really post these on here, as this is technically a DnB site. And I know a few of you don't mind a bit of dubstep, but I guess we are a lot deeper than most stuff the casual listener would hear. Anyway, here's the new one. Finished today, and getting it's 1st exclusive play on dubstepfm tomorrow afternoon at our show. 5 - 7pm GMT check it out dubstepfm

We've Just gone live with this track now, would appreciate as many plays and comments on SC as possible so would love it if you guys could help boost our plays and comments

So anyway, let me know your thoughts, and if I should continue posting my group work here (it will all be this style of dubstep) or should I just post my own stuff?
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This reminds me of dubstep from back in the day. A lot of space. As far as the mix goes I like it sounds good on my end. The kick drum gets a little to in your face and annoying after a while. What I like the most about this track is the woooomppp thing that goes from left to right. It really pulls the track together and leaves me anticipating for more. What I did not like about the track was the drums. Not because they sounded bad but they just became to repetitive. So its more of an opinion than a fact.
On another note I say put all your tracks here that way I can listen to them :) who cares if your making dub step or house. This is a good place to post.