Kromatik Kollapse - New VASTLY improved mix for assesment!

this is a stompin tune, the breaks in the intro are very very tidy. the bass is awsome, i like it all, but dunno bout the swingbeat though, i like the sound of it, but it is a bit low i think, it kinda looses its punch so to speak, but the rest of the tune is madness, BOH
Cheers jason. Hows it going mate ?

Bumping this back up as my servers been down for 2 weeks, :grrrrr: depriving you all of this tasty slice of life (TM)




Not really my thing, but well done for what it is. Good variation, hard as yer dad, tight.

I'm just not into the whole Hardware ting myself. Too much rasping and not enough sub bass for my liking - Renegade Hardware, not your tune.
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