Kritix & Nuklear - Under The Counter

Kritix: forthcoming tracks on Andy C's label Program

Nuklear: featuring on tracks for BTK and Maztek on Renegade Hardware, Virus, Dutty Audio, Eatbrain and Citrus

Brand new studio mix with some thing a little bit different to it for 2014. Not just the usual bass and barz! A journey through the world of drum and bass and what it has to offer. With some unique and original ideas and stories. The mix starts off outside a nightclub waiting in line to get into your first Drum & Bass rave (with no ID) of course, then actually getting into the rave and feeling the buzz of your first live drum and bass experience. With some pretty deep and emotional stories that many of us can all relate to, this mix has something for everyone. Check it out and download for free if you like it.