DnB Krimson - Nocturnal


Nov 8, 2011
Hamilton, OH
Was you going for a no kick track? Not being a smart ass just curious...

Also, it sounds like a mix not a tune.. You need better samples bro!


Oct 21, 2011
Winnipeg, Canada
I thought the kick was pretty hard, but it was a very sub heavy kick so maybe it's not coming through at all on a system with less low end.

This was only my 2nd track so I haven't had the chance to learn from these kind of mistakes yet. It sounded good to me, but I should have mixed with headphones to get a different look at things. I'll try to pick better kicks or layer to get a bigger freq range next time.

edit - Yeah, just re-listened on some ear buds. The kick doesn't come through at all, totally drowned out by the bassline. Oops. Live and learn...
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