Krazy Josifer - Und6r Th6 6un *free dl**exclusive mix for AudioArtform*


THE REVIEW BY AudioArtform

[They don't call him "Krazy Joe" for no reason.. the first exclusive mix for AudioArtform is proof of that!]

"Und6r Th6 6un" breaks all the rules with a hard-hitting, eclectic sound you literally won't hear from any other mix artist. Krazy Josifer starts off with (of course) amazing percussion and copious vocal samples that carry on throughout the entirety of the mix.

Dynamism is the best word to describe an in-your-face mix mash that very quickly leads to beatless mix downs and heavy drops that keep you on your toes - just waiting for what's next. Don't underestimate this high energy 175 bpm masterpiece as it cleverly dips into a very 'street level' sound either. Josifer is known for his ability to cleverly slide in half - time tracks and blends a variety of different drum breaks with ease. He forces the listener to identify different tracks only when he desires and craftily mixes the rest so that even the most refined set of ears wouldn't catch on. I found myself and the rest of the AudioArtform team rewinding and playing back some of the more stealthy transitions to figure out just "how" he did it.

A proper review of "Und6r Th6 6un" wouldn't come correct without a mention to culture. Krazy Joe is an innovator in a subculture that reeks of innovators. His hard-hitting percussion and non-melodic tendencies are no match for the cleverly placed vocals. Krazy Joe bows in homage to some great ideas and this mix reverently screams like none other. You could go track by track and transition to transition.. but this is not that kind of mix. "Und6r Th6 6un" has just broken some new ground in a seemingly ancient territory. I sense a musical rift in the waveform. Can Krazy Joe really tip off the next subgenre of junglist mixes? Hard, percussive, yet refined urban drum & bass, 175bpm for the very most part and all culture all day, ladies and gentleman.

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