kr4y - Cortex / Cerebrum / Cyton [T-FREE-3EP030]


Jul 29, 2003
kr4y - "Cortex" / "Cerebrum" / "Cyton" [T-FREE-3EP030]

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kr4y does not need an introduction anymore. He should be be well known among the people who do like deep, graceful technoid Drum & Bass built with intelligent loops and modulations. His releases on his (and Arje's) own netlabel Beat Addiction, Tilt-Recordings, Insekto, T3K, Section 8, Temper D Productions, T-FREE, HMSU, Qu Beats and Internet speak for themselves. So, without further ado, here are three more of his tunes, dating from 2008, 2009 and 2010.

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"T-FREE" is a free 320 kbps mp3 netlabel mainly for (dancefloor orientated) technoid Drum & Bass, ranging from percussive Techno-DNB to deep Neurofunk. It is a sister label of Tilt-Recordings (maintained by DJ Hektik as well) and has been releasing tunes as free downloads since August 2005. The label is not strong in visual design; has no artwork (not even a logo, only the Tilt-Recordings logo is used for it sometimes) and is all about the music and information structure.

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