KOTP - No Way Out /Look To The Sky

KOTP bring some futuristic flavours to the floor on this latest 720 degrees offering. No Way Out stomps along in a groovesome fashion layering up some chords and other synth surprises along the way. The beat builds by way of some well programmed persussion before breaking down to let the chords shimmer for a moment before the bass kicks in. Low frequencies roll in the underbelly of the track as some chiming sounds enter the fray a short way in. This is a tune which strikes a good balance between atmospheric and dancefloor material as it combines both and could be used to mix in to either light or dark afterwards. Rotating goodness.

Look to The Sky is much more grim, and the bass tones are tweaked with on the resonance front giving a subtle growl, edging the track in to zombie like life. The beats are suitably pounding to give pace to the track and the hi hats rattle away efficiently enough. Plenty of scope for lengthy mixes with this one as it doesn't mess around with long breakdowns. It's a solid track but not as airey and spacious productionwise as the other side. But if this track was a meal you'd be full after a single bite. More heavyweight than a xmas cake.