Kool & the Gang x Fleetwood Mac DNB

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Jul 31, 2009
I left feedback:

"00:27 - Mmmm, this is where things get chunky and funky. I'm enjoying all the misc Percussion meshing well together. LOVE the Breakdown, it fits so well! The resonance on that Lead is sweeeeeeeeeeet! 1:40ish, that half-tempo beat is neat. The vocal is super sexy. That looooong Breakdown is epic leading into the vocal and drums on the 1. I was hoping for a Techy bassline to come in perhaps, but I understand the smooth one being used, it fits better than the manic idea in my head, lol. I like the Production; everything fits well in the Mix and the dynamics are rich as can be. Fun tune."


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Jun 7, 2010
That snare sounds too loose to me, you could do with a nice tight and punchy snare. I would have that breakbeat over the drum beat all the time as the snare sounds much better. You could have a lot more bass in there too.

The breakdown section sounds cool, but it sounds a bit dry you could add some reverb elements to it possibly on the snare to improve that section. The breakdown is too long for me too, but that might be the style you're going for
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