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Soul Flex Digital drops its latest Free Download courtesy of the Talented Kontrast. Touching down ahead of he's debut on SFD. Starting out with stunning chords and a guitar rift which compliments the underlaying hats and filtered breaks. Building up into smooth speaker shaking subs gelled together with nice melodies and musical elements. This is an Amazing piece of liquid funk from kontrast.

Kontrast is a Drum & Bass producer and DJ based in Bristol / South West (UK). He was first introduced onto the scene following the years spent honing his craft within his own self-made studio and went on to release his first 4 track EP tilted ‘Open Road’ that was released with Lockdown in the Summer of 2017. After the years spent studying sound design, electronic music production and psychology of sound he is now a fully qualified graduate with a BA Honours Degree. Being a capable musician in Drums and Piano to accompany his productions Kontrast looks to set the bar even higher with his new forthcoming EP with Soul Flex Digital. With his growing audience Kontrast is now being recognised for his unique blend of production styles, with his latest release tilted ‘Letting Go’ which featured on the ‘Ill Truth Presents Album Vol 1’. His music is proving to deliver relaxed, jazzy, soulful vibes entangled with deep roller drums and low sub bass lines layered with spacey vocal echos that bring his tracks to life. He is a definitely a producer to watch out for 2019 and beyond.


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