Kontakt Libraries

Chris K

Feb 23, 2016
Hey guys, I was looking into getting Trillian for some real bass guitar samples but it looks like it would be more cost effective to get Kontakt (plus I’d have more options in the future) So with that said, how many of you are using Kontakt and enjoying it. And what are some of your favorite libraries and why?


New Member
Jul 3, 2016
I use it sometimes. Kontakt 5 has a huge amount of features and comes with great libraries. However, I mainly use it once I've created sounds with FM8 or Serum, exported those sounds as audio then loaded them in to Kontakt for further processing. Kontakt has a great morphing function that you can load 2 samples on to one key on your controller and morph between them by assigning LFO/Envelope etc. Not sure if you would use those kinds of features for bass guitar samples though. If you get it, I'd recommend reading the manual to get started as it is a huge beast to undertake. Sorry I can't recommend my fave library as I haven't used the libraries enough to comment.
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