Konnekt - Timeshift (Past vs Present Drum & Bass)


Jul 9, 2007
Inspired by a recent topic about nineties drum & bass versus 21st century drum & bass I decided to record a mix consisting of two parts. The first part represents the typical sound of atmospheric and jazzy drum & bass from the mid nineties. The second part is a modern day update with tracks that still carry that same vibe, old school influenced but with that modern tight sound.

Timeshift Part 1: Past :flame:


01. Count Basic: Speechless (Drum & Bass) (Spray)
02. Universal: Groove Therapy (Looking Good)
03. Carlito: Cascade (Moving Shadow)
04. Mayhem: Blue Notez (Nu-Note)
05. Hidden Agenda: Pressin’ On (Metalheadz)
06. Alaska: Dual Elements (Offset)
07. Underwolves: Redeemer (Creative Wax)
08. Shogun: Wind Dancer (Remix) (R&S)
09. PFM: Love & Happiness (Good Looking)
10. The Lab Rats: Give My Soul (Echo Drop)
11. United Future Organization: L.O.V.E. (Kruder & Dorfmeister Session) (Talkin’ Loud)

Timeshift Part 2: Present :D


01. LTJ Bukem: Switch (Good Looking)
02. Furney: Bedouin Soul (Sound Trax)
03. Fracture & Survival: Tracks Of Time (Hospital)
04. Brother: Make A Life (Influence)
05. Redeyes: Turn Around (CIA)
06. Raw Q: Summer Rain (Influence)
07. Brother: Do The Right Thing (Fokuz)
08. Funky Technicians: Airtight (Furney Remix) (CIA)
09. Andy Skopes: State Of Grace (Jerona Fruits)
10. Redeyes: Soul Brother (W10)
11. Random Movement: Psychedelic Drainpipe (Innerground)
12. Furney & Tayla: Twenty Five To Life (Telluric)
13. Brother: Junction (Influence)
14. Bop: Nine Planets (Kos.Mos.)
15. Dissident: Pleuromeia (Subtle Audio)
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