Konnekt - Live @ Jungletrain Feb/11/2009


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Jan 7, 2009
Konnekt - Live @ Jungletrain Feb/11/2009 (liquid / deep d&b)

Archive of the session I did last night on Jungletrain Radio, as a few people were asking for it.

Live at Jungletrain 11.02.2009

Download Part 1
Download Part 2


Part 1

01. Furney: Soh Cah Toa (Red Mist)
02. Calibre: Thoughtless (Digital Soundboy)
03. Brother: Junction (Influence)
04. Lenzman: Emeralds (SGN:Ltd)
05. Human Factor: What A Shame (Sunrize)
06. Alix Perez & Specific: Side To Side (Brigand)
07. Calibre: Carry Me Away (Signature)
08. Furney: Distance (Good Looking)
09. Utah Jazz: Mesmerize (Liquid V)
10. Human Factor: Diggin’ Deepa (Allsorts)
11. Saburuko: Love Sensation (Sonorous)
12. Lenzman: String City (Fokuz)
13. Eveson: Tricks (SGN:Ltd)

Part 2

13. Eveson: Tricks (SGN:Ltd)
14. Human Factor: Unlimited Supply (Sunrize)
15. The Insiders: Burning Deep (Burn)
16. Well Being: When You’re Not Around (Zen)
17. Bungle: Close Your Eyes (Sonorous)
18. Lenzman: Mesmerized (SGN:Ltd)
19. Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance: Perseverance (Liquid V)
20. Commix: Urban Legend (Metalheadz)
21. Henree & Eveson: Lomo (CIA)
22. Concept & Shnek: Can It Be So Simple (Soundtrax)
23. Funky Technicians: Airtight (Furney Remix) (CIA)
24. Naibu: Opium Lady (Horizons)
25. The Upbeats Feat. Teknik: More Than One (Soul:R)
26. Sinistarr: Lynx Is Playing At My House (Horizons)
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