Konkrete Jungle Vol 1 Tour feat. Dj Odi - May 24 - July 5

Konkrete Jungle Vol 1 Tour feat. Dj Odi - May 24 - July 5

Konkrete Jungle is a familiar and frequent name heard in the Drum n' Bass community. From its humble birth ata little bar on Chrystie Street on the Lower East Side of New York City, to hosting events in some of the
hottestclubs in the nation, Konkrete Jungle has been the proving grounds for Junglists of every discipline.

Now, after 14 years, the longest running Drum n' Bass weekly in the world is upping the ante yet again, and taking the next step to propel the scene to a new level. This Spring, Konkrete is proud to announce their latest addition to the Drum n' Bass legacy:Konkrete Jungle: Volume 1. this mix CD features tracks from Agent Alvin, TC, Fatman D & Navigator, Muffler & I-Cue featuring TC Izlam, Hobzee, The Chosen, and more. And to top it all off, this heavy selection is mixed by an original old school Junglist…DJ Odi.

DJ Odi is one of New York City's finest Jungle DJs and a staple in the Drum n' Bass community. His performances date back as far as 1989, when the 14 year old Harlem native began djing for various events in his neighborhood. Odi's musical interests took a new turn in 1992, when he began promoting for the NASA parties of New York City. It was at these now-legendary parties where he gained his first residency, and began his career as one of America's most sought after Jungle DJs.

Odi's talent and ability to please a crowd quickly gained him notoriety, and in 1995 he began touring nationally.Showcasing his skills as a turntablist, his energetic sets packed dance floors nationwide from the east coast to the west, creating a party vibe that soon became synonymous with the name "DJ Odi."

DJ Odi's accomplishments as an innovator of urban music were further recognized in 1998, when Odi became the first Jungle DJ to ever be accepted into the prestigious Zulu Nation, forever demolishing the
barrier between Hip Hop and Drum n' Bass. In the 19 years since he took to the turntables, Odi has established his presence in the music industry as an artist who breaks boundaries and consistently delivers memorable performances.

Over the last decade, Odi has shared the stage with such legendary and respected DJs as: DB, Frankie Bones, Adam X, Soulslinger, Heather Heart, Micro, Richie Hawtin, Craze, Dara, Danny the Wildchild, Freaky
Flow, Ak1200, Capital J, Trace, Ed Rush, Jumping Jack Frost, Andy C, Darren J, DJ SS, Keaton, Hive, DJ Rap, Stakka, Roni Size, Krust, Bryan Gee, Sonic & Silver, and many more.

DJ Odi has always been closely tied to Konkrete Jungle, as resident and headliner since its inception in 1994, so there is no surprise that DJ Odi and Konkrete Jungle are collaborating once again to bring you the
Konkrete Jungle: Volume 1 Tour.

Sponsored by Methods NYC, Bakwoods Productions, and Outlook Skateboards, all events will feature sponsor giveaways and tour t-shirts.

Dates are currently available between

May 24th and July 5th.

For bookings and further information for this tour please contact:

Scott McCusker
Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management
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