(Rubik | Fokuz | Smog | Driven AM / San Diego)

Born and raised in California, but having lived in Europe and been heavily into drum n bass for well over a decade, Calculon is a DJ that always knows what music to play for the dancefloor. As label owner of Rubik Records and an internationally recognized producer, you can be certain that his finger is on the pulse of drum n bass in 2011, having djed everywhere from Hawaii to Amsterdam. With releases on labels such as Rubik, Fokuz, Human Elements, Beard, Big Riddim, Think Deep, and forthcoming tunes coming out on Smog and Influenza LTD, his productions are something to pay attention to. DJ Support for his tunes include Digital, Dara, Bailey, AK1200, Crissy Criss, Asides, Logistics, Makoto, LTJ Bukem, Icicle, Loxy, Reid Speed, the Insiders, James Zabiela, Random Movement, Stunna, and many other djs at the top of their game. Whether you hear his tunes on 1xtra, Bassdrive, or in the club, you will be certain to hear what makes Calculon one of the leaders of the new school of Drum n Bass in America.


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(Creative Source | Peer Pressure | Influence)

With more support and upcoming co-laborations than can be mentioned, Dave Owen is quickly becoming one of the brightest stars in drum-n-bass; just go ask LTJ Bukem, Grooverider, Fabio or Bailey, whom all drop Dave’s tunes on the regular. The young producer’s style blends hip-hop and old soul samples w/ crisp drums to create a sound that is truly unique. Between a number of smaller releases, his 12″ on Influence and massive ‘Yo Girl’ forthcoming on Creative Source Dave has had a great response in the DnB charts and top 10s for the past few months. Watch for much more to come from this musical savant.


(Driven AM | Direct Drive | Luv Disaster | Peer Pressure | Basswerk | Liquid Brilliants | Influenza Minus / NYC)

Representing New York City, Dave is a respected contributor to the North American Drum and Bass community. Owner of Driven AM, the premier North American DnB Artist Management, Record Label, and Production company. Events coordinator and resident DJ for various NYC parties including part of the legendary NYC production team Direct Drive and recently part of the team presenting ‘Natural Selection’ in NYC. Dave has released music on Luv Disaster (alongside Dave Owen), Peer Pressure Recordings, Liquid Brilliants, Basswerk (alongside Sol.ID), Influenza Minus, Electronic River Recordings, and his own imprint Driven AM Recordings. His music is being supported by DB, Random Movement, TC1, Dstar, Stunna, Mixmaster Doc, Dave Owen, Kevin Focus, Submorphics, Calculon and many others. A Dj that has performed live more than 200 times in 12 States in the US as well as in Puerto Rico and Spain in the past 12 years alongside some of the biggest names in DnB, everyone from Goldie to High Contrast. In the last year Dave’s music has been heard on a Metalheadz Podcast, featured in a mix and interview with Knowledge Magazine, and coast to coast on Dave’s January US tour. Dave is a driven individual, whose passion for Drum and Bass shows in his music and live performance.