Konichi - Get It

It says to staff blz? Following, short D' n' B the 9 years, and short all the sources of the D' n' B, DES of the Drumfunk until Clownstep… But what shorter I am Clownstep… Dj Hazard Generation Dub Taxman Cabbie Zen Dub Zero Soulpride Wood Packa Pleasure Dub Alley etc… For what I saw the majority here of fórum likes a sound " more; Neuro" e " Dark" , Break type, Noisia, Panacea, Seba, etc… Now it would like to know of vocês, without zuera, BECAUSE ALMOST Everybody hates clownstep? Already I heard many answers of the type… " MUSICS WITHOUT CREATIVITY, ALWAYS IN the SAME STROKE AND WONWOWNW ZUADO" I agree to some parts, type… you to hear Clownstep in house I am really " Cansativo" , but in one set, is legal, has one set of the Hazard @ Innovation 2007 and Hazard @ Sanctuary Festival 2007, that it only touches " Clow" e set is crazy… good is waits in it of answers… Drum ' n' Bass always
2day my firend logikz woz called a big frootcake and dat made me remember oh hello i know how 2 make frootcake i learnt it from the youtubby so 2day i want to share da recipeh with u mi friends how 2 make big frootcake love frm ur firend stever94 xoxooxoxox

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