Kongkast #89 - New Episode with DJ Wash online now!


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Feb 27, 2008
Hong Kong

Yes we're BACK!

Many thanks to Aaron Jay for the last special feature Kongkast, some of the best Drum and Bass music we've heard on Kongkast yet!

This week, DJ Wash (aka. RYC) back in the mix, it's been a while since our last resident DJ mix, so we're going to make it good :)

Kongkast #89 features exclusive music from Dragon (Bangkok) & Youthman, AlleyCat and couple of things from the Kongkretebass Studio by Electronic Mistress and DJ Wash.
As always we throw in some of our favorite new and old tunes in there, all styles no boundaries, so Check it OUT!

Now get on the download… listen in and enjoy!

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KONGKAST #89 - by DJ Wash (Kongkretebass, Hong Kong)

1. Benga - Buzzin
2. Syndaesia - Sonar
3. Dragon and Youthman - Rebirth Remix
4. Don_Goliath - Mrs U (Electronic Mistress remix)
6. Benga - One Million
7. Electronic Mistress - Nightrider
8. Punisher - Pinch
9. Black Sun Empire - Hypersun
10. Vista - Exit Wound
11. Horny - TRG and Reso (Reso Remix)
12. Tunnidge - Riddles Of Jah VIP
13. The Others - Freakshow
14. DJ Wash aka RYC - La Femme Dub
15. The Bassist and Phonecall - Natty
16. Sub Scape - Dreadlock
17. Distance - Radical
18. CASPA - Rat-A-Tat Tat (feat_Dynamite_MC)
19. Dirtyphonics - Quarks
20. State Of Mind - City On Fire
21. Break - Isis
22. Alix Perez - Im Free
23. SpectraSoul - Organizer - Ramadanman Remix
24. Data - The Causeway (Influence)
25. AlleyCat - Sweetspot (Dub)
26. Instra:mental - Thugtronik
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