KONGKAST#81 - exclusive ft. NYMFO (Ram, Shogun, Critical/ NL)


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Feb 27, 2008
Hong Kong

KONGKAST #81 this week delivers piping hot drum and bass goodness with a mix by one of the European scene's top artists, the flying Dutchman NYMFO.

NYMFO has been apart of Drum and Bass for well over a decade, a mastermind and organizer of one of the number one events in the Netherlands, Red Zone and ICON.
Seen as one of the most talented up and coming deejays in the scene, NYMFO was well established in 2005 when he won the ‘Best Dutch Drum and Bass DJ’ then went on to win the same title again in 2007.
Since the last 3 years, NYMFO has been signed on some of the biggest labels in the scene - such as Andy C’s RAM Records, Renegade Recordings, Critical Recordings, Frequency Recordings and the huge Shogun Limited imprint.

Many thanks to Nymfo and This Way Up for bringing this set to KONGKAST - Hong Kong's dnb podcast!

Listen in and enjoy. Turn up your speakers - the louder the filthier!

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KONGKAST #81 - feat. Nymfo (Ram, Critical, Shogun, Renegade, Ram/ NL)

(artist - track title - label)
1. Audio - Power of fear - subtitles
2. Spectrasoul - Organiser - critical
3. Alix Perez - I'm free - shogun audio
4. Spinline - Sky walk - dub
5. Cern + Jubei - Untitled - dub
6. Bulletproof, Nymfo + Teknik - Three of a kind - cyanide
7. Nymfo - Surface scan - c.i.a. deep kut
8. Bulletproof, Teknik + Dose - Oddball - cyanide
9. Spinline - Suburbhan - dub
10. Total Science - Nine numbers - c.i.a. recordings
11. Spectrasoul + Ben E - Suppression - dub
12. Alix Perez - Melanie - shogun audio
13. Spectrasoul - Poseidon - dub
14. Nymfo + Cern - Proton pack - dub
15. Logistics - Jungle Music - hospital
16. Nymfo - Blue Velvet - dub



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