KONGKAST #160 – feat. ELEMIZ (Sonic Step Sisters, KKB/ GER)


Hong Kong Junglist
Feb 27, 2008
Hong Kong

It’s done! Another year packed with exciting fresh music comes to an end.
This year we celebrated KONGKAST’s 5th anniversary with 30 DJ mixes from across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the USA. We thank every single artist for being part of it. And we thank you all for tuning in every time and sending your feedback – it means a lot to us and keeps us rolling! In case you’ve missed a few sets, go grab them from the big vault on either iTunes or here: http://kongkretebass.com/kkblog/?page_id=4

Now for the final mix of 2011, and long overdue, Kongkretebass co-founder ELEMIZ is back with a selection of Future Bass treats, this time ranging from 80′s tinged housey vibes to more sub-heavy, dubby rollers.

Since her last KONGKAST mix middle of 2010, and after almost a decade living in Asia, Elemiz has relocated to her native Germany and continues pushing the bass vibes in her new home Dresden. Within the past year, she has been able to establish herself as a regular face around the DJ circuit in her own city, hosting her own nights as well as playing a number of gigs around the region. For 2012, Elemiz has a few fresh ideas in store for promotion as well as picking up some studio work again. Stay tuned!

We are wishing you all a great finish to 2011 and the best year yet in 2012! Stay happy, healthy and bass-heavy always!

DJ Wash & Elemiz,
of Kongkretebass and Kongkast

More on ELEMIZ, head to our website >>> [url]http://kongkretebass.com/kkblog/?p=2960

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KONGKAST #160 – feat. ELEMIZ (Sonic Step Sisters, Kongkrete Bass, fut:r / Dresden, Germany)

(title - artist – label)

1. Escape Velocity – 2562
3. LesGo – TANKA
4. Let Me Flush Dat (Trrbo & Cat People remix) – BIG DOPE P
5. Resonate – WACHS LYRICAL
6. Be For Real (Ultravid remix) – VOLTRON
7. (I can) Chop Chop Chop – OBEY CITY
8. Booty Call – LUNG/MAXX ROACH
9. Stalker Ha – KINGDOM
10. Shh (Sam Tiba Remix) – LUCID
11. Apple Bottom – DISTAL
12. Conqueror – J:KENZO
13. Take You Away – KASHII
14. Mayhem – DEAM
15. (Baby I Don’t Know) What You Want – JACQUES GREENE
16. Wish U Were Here – DEADBOY
17. Aztec – SHOX
18. Be Myself – DARK SKY
19. 1, 2 Go – MARCUS INTALEX
20. Wilhelm’s Scream (Real Whipped Creamix) – JAMES BLAKE

More about ELEMIZ on our website [url]http://kongkretebass.com/kkblog/?p=2960
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