KONGKAST #159 – feat. Lukeino (Bachelors of Science / SF)


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Feb 27, 2008
Hong Kong

Yes yes! Kongkast is back with a deep and rolling Drum & Bass mix with a difference.
This week, we’re bring you 1/3 of the well known Drum&Bass trio “Bachelors Of Science” - Lukeino (Bachelors of Science, Sublife Recordings – San Francisco).

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Luke Argilla (aka Lukeino) have been involved in music all his life. From guitar at the young age of 13, to the early vibrant underground Jungle and DnB scene in San Francisco.

As a solo artist Lukeino has released tracks on labels like Levitated, Rubik, as well as his own Sublife Recordings. His tuneshave been featured on BBC 1xtra, Fuel TV and even the #1 iPhone gameapp Tap Tap Revenge. Around 2007 he met up with the Bachelors ofScience and soon after started collaborating with them on tracks. A fewyears later, after many late nights, and a string of great shows, they invited Luke to be the 3rd official member of the group.

More about Lukeino below.

Many thanks to LUKEINO for this exclusive mix for us at Kongkretebass! Truly great vibes throughout this mix.

More on LUKEINO, head to our website >>> http://kongkretebass.com/kkblog/?p=2926

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KONGKAST #159 – feat. Lukeino (Bachelors of Science, Sublife Recordings – San Francisco)

(title - artist – label)

1) No Rules – Brunette from Mars – Sublife Dub
2) Skeptical – These Words – Ingredients
3) Nuage – Emotions – Dubkraft
4) Lukeino, Jstarr, Kush Arora & Dubsworth – Dub Arrest (Aphonic Remix) – Sublife Dub
—-> Mutt & Calculon – Easy on the Motion (feat. Kevin King) – Rubik
5) Obsession (feat. MC DRS) – Enei – Critical
6) Aphonic – Further We Go (Bachelors of Science Remix) – Sublife Dub
7) Heavy1 – Light Upon My Road (feat. Iriann Joyce) – Rubik Dub
8 ) Furi Anga – Rainbow Unit – Med School
9) Lukeino & The Heights – Thought Withdrawal – Sublife
10) No Rules – Abell 1689 – Sublife Dub
11) Lukeino & The Heights – N-Judah – Sublife
12) Getz – Strange Love – Interactive
13) Amoss – Rah Rah – Buried Audio
14) Lukeino, Jstarr, Kush Arora & Dubsworth – Dub Arrest (Pawn Remix) – Sublife Dub

More about LUKEINO on our website http://kongkretebass.com/kkblog/?p=2926
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