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Feb 27, 2008
Hong Kong

This week on Kongkast – We feature one one half of SILK Recordings – Balistics (Silk Recordings / NZ).

Silk Recordings consists of Matt Balistics & Jamie Forge. As the label manager, Matt Balistics is extremly passionate about the drum & bass sound & after over 8 years of djing experience, 6 of them doing a weekly radio show, he was more than happy to step up to the plate & broaden his horizons in the industry. His first involvement was with Synth Sense & Anile’s debut release on Silk Recordings, who have since become long term friends.

Having a consistant line of digital releases, Silk Recordings is soon to release its first & highly anticipated LP from Finnish producer Furi Anga. From the beginning it has been a long term aim for Silk to release music in the format both Balistics & Forge found this sound on, vinyl.

Check out this sub heavy mix from Balistics and find out more about SILK Recordings.

Many thanks to Balistics for this exclusive mix for us at Kongkretebass!

More on Balistics, head to our website >>> [url]http://kongkretebass.com/kkblog/?p=2845[/url]

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KONGKAST #156 – feat. Balistics (Silk Recordings / NZ)

(artist – title – label)

01 Furi Anga – Heat Over Moscow [Cloudcities] (Silk dub)
02 Reza – There’s A Devil Inside Everyone (CX dub)
03 Loxy and Resound – Awareness (dub)
04 Synth Sense and Anile – Static Movement [Consequence Remix] (Silk dub)
05 Getz – Labyrinth (Hardware dub)
06 Furi Anga – Thermal Movement [Seacities] (Silk dub)
07 Consequence – Rolling Supreme (Exit)
08 Displaced Paranormals 3 – Telepathy (dub)
09 Johnny Kon – Eternity Lies In Question (dub)
10 J.Robinson – Reach Out (Tech:Noir dub)
11 Dub Phizix ft. Fox and Chimpo – Narrow Eyes (Soul:R)
12 Anile and Dakosa – Chicken Oriental (Silk dub)
13 Fathom – Defence [Skeptical Remix] (Freedom 35 dub)
14 Need For Mirrors – Lo Walk (Dispatch)
15 Clarity – Head Rush (Horizons dub)
16 Anile and Dakosa – Code Of Conduct VIP (Inneractive dub)
17 Getz and Displaced Paranormals 3 – Astral Projection (dub)
18 Fathom – Clear The Mist (Dispatch Ltd dub)
19 Furi Anga – Creonize (Translation dub)
20 Es.tereo – Junction 12 (IM:Ltd dub)
21 Reza – Concrete Jungle (dub)
22 Synth Sense – Morphology (Silk dub)
23 Mode – XXXX (dub)
24 Queensway – Flame (dub)
25 Furi Anga – Outro (dub)

More about Balistics on our website [url]http://kongkretebass.com/kkblog/?p=2845[/url] OR >>

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