Konflict - Messiah

circle six

May 1, 2010
just a loop looped. ah. sounds simple enough ...or maybe not
i got a vocal and cut it at the point that i wanted it to keep sustained, copied the last second or two and pasted till it was long enough. not such a good result.
their loop/sample sounds really tight. its def not just one long aaaaaaaaaaaar,it was cut perfectly and repeated. just getting the cut right and the timing right maybe...?


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Feb 8, 2002
you can make your own crossfade loop in the audio editor if your sampler doesnt have that function. just fade it in, and paste that over a copy of the same sample fading out and then paste the original over that. maybe not paste the original over that. or maybe so.


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Aug 8, 2007
its a slight aaar from a sample cd that was looped. they found the original on doa and all. its pretty amazing.

Yeah just pitched down an octave init

Fuck classic hearing such a "big" sample in its true form


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Jun 13, 2009
Fuck classic hearing such a "big" sample in its true form
Yeah man i love this, watched Apocalypse Now the other day and heard tonnes of quotes that were sampled. Watching Hostel right now and just realised the screams are used in Aragami Style by King Cannibal!
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