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Drum and bass producer, director of Offworld recordings and host of the `Offworld show`.Grab the archives herewww.offworldrecordings.com/the-offworl…1-archives/
Releases on labels such as: Dispatch, Fokuz, Celsius, Influenza, Paradoxes Outsider, Criterion, Offworld, Levitated,
Translation, Absys, Kill inc, Rotation deep, Camino Blue, Transference, Cov-ops.
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Smote ft Mc fava - Dream era (dub)
Mr Crux - Hollow (Offworld dub)
Paul sg - Wonder why (Soul Deep)
Jazzatron - Realise la meduza (Celsius)
Radicall - Anyway (Offworld048)
Kabuki Clash (V Recordings)
Anile & Blu Mar Ten - Lyssakses (Med School)
Schematic - Yeah, What (Inner City Dance)
Quadrant Iris Method One - Airbrake (Original Mix) (Vandal)
Radicall - Anything you say (Offworld048)
Eckul ft. La Marée - Prison of Our Skin (Future Engineers Remix)
Radicall - Quantum (LM1 remix)(Absys dub)
Electrosoul System - Timetraveller (Med School)
Radicall - Imagination (Scientific Records)
Airtek - Galaxy (Offworld dub)
Silence Groove - Fate (Offworld dub)
Macca & Loz contreras - One touch (Technimatic remix)
Area 31 - Milkyway Marathon (Scientific Records)
Edelways - Under Rain (Offworld dub)
Quadrant + Kid Hops + Iris feat. Collette Warren - Eternal September (Commercial suicide)
Silence groove - Forever believe (Offworld046)