Kombat Bass Feat KAMMO....15/09/03

Kombat Bass

Aug 6, 2003
Yup Yup u read it.....

Tonight on Kombat Bass Kammo's droppin by to drop some beers....i mean tunes.....

So listen up this boy has more vinyl that fickuss knows what to do with when he goes for a rinse round Kammo's....

www.pulseradio.net - Lo Fi Listening only (even if u gots cable, click Lo-Fi....HI FI coming very soon...Fents just got the IInet cable bizness!)

You'll need Winamp, or Realplayer to listen....7.30pm kickoff!

and another special little suprise, the one like LEX has been inducted as a Kombat Bass Fortnightly resident, so every 2nd week come hear what the man LEX has to offer with the bass and drums....and trust me its a shitload he offers...!

Lex was soooo impressed that my show GOES WORLDWIDE (not just local truffles) that he asked me if he could rock the netharlands, bulgeria, japan, tokyo, and MELBOURNE massive every 2nd week...i just had to say YES!

Kombat Bass....Pushing the WORLDWIDE internet boundaries every Mon Night!

Come see how Melbourne Town (Australia) Runs things...

Next Guest DJ - DJ SEAN (Terrain Crew, Bass Frontiers) 22/09/03
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