Drum & Bass KOBALT - NuClear: Icebreaker

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    NEUROLOGY present:

    Your heed given the conceptual information and documentary sound transmission NUCLEAR.
    This time we go on a journey at the center of the nuclear submarine in the Arctic.

    ~ Podcast: Nuclear.
    ~ Release: Icebreaker.
    ~ Director and screenwriter: Kobalt.
    ~ Music: Phace, Noisia, Hybris, Malk, BSE, Rockwell, Misanthrop, Mefjus, SPY, Icicle, Heavy1, Siren, Enei, Ill.Skillz & DubFX, B Cloud & Pryzma, Solar Empire, Rido, Blu_Mar_Ten, Spinline, Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch, Dementia & Rregula, Dom & Roland & Audio, Aeph & Dabs, Limewax & CV.
    ~ Voice: d / f "to the top of the Planet", "I - icebreaker Siberia".
    ... Genre: neuro dnb
    ... Publication Date: December 2011
    ... Listening time: 71:35
    ... Sound quality: 320.kbps
    ... SUBtitles: recommended.