Knuckle Children Studio Mix (2 Geins and a Lady)


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May 24, 2006
Knuckle Children Studio Mix (2 Geins and a Lady)

Hello everyone!!

This is a new project Cristen, Weston and myself have been working on for the last couple of months. This studio mix is a collection of songs from friends and respected artists that we have been into and inspired by during that time. Be on the look out for collaborations with Trill Bass and more, as well as, a few dubstep releases on our own "GEIN" label called "Bad Chemistry" which you will be seeing a lot of in the near future!! Enjoy!!!


High Rankin - Bohemian Grove
Bro Safari - No Zone
Spl - Cobalt
Mayhem and Whisper Link - Trap Or Die
1$ON - Gang Culture VIP
Bar 9 - Murda Sound (Riskotheque Rmx)
Bar 9 - Murda Sound (VIP Mix)
Bar 9 - Murda Sound (Eskno Rnmx)
Bassnectar - Headsup
The Antiserum vs. Eskmo - 40 Monstahs
High Rankin - You, Me and the Devil
Ruckspin and Planas - Oxygen
Trill Bass - Haters
Bro Safari - Lip Friends
Babylon System and The Anitserum - California Style
Nero - Something Else
Bassnectar - Skin (Trill Bass Rmx)
Rusko - Jahova
Akira Kitashi - Pinball
Eskmo - Agnus Del
Caspa - Riot Powder intro feat. Rod Azlon
Jakes - Rock The Bells
Caspa - Rat-a-tat-tat feat. Mc Dynamite
Tc - Wheres My Money (Caspa Rmx)
Reso - If ya can't beat'em
High Rankin - Assault Weapon Religion
Chase and Status - Eastern Jam
Snoop Dogg - feat. Tanvi Shah - Millionare
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