Knowledge & Wisdom crew - The Lost Scrolls EP

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    This contains a few unrelease ragga jungle bits from 96-98 which were just K&W dubplates before and is limited to 500 copies. Jah Children steps up to the plate bringing a hip hop vibe to the intro before some crisp breaks will get the floor bouncing. Various vocal samples litter the intro including "you'd be a fool to test this sound" female vocal which rings true when you hear what the bassline has to offer. Some wicked jump up subs bend the grooves and continuosly evolve so you never get bored of the wobbliness. Class.

    The Jungle Rebels 98 mix is a mimalist two stepper which epitomises the sound of that year pretty well. Nothing much going on here save some stabbing bass and the occasional echoed synth with a vocal to top it off. Rolling but doesn't have much direction to it.

    Up next is K&W's take on The Fugees - Ready Or Not which is better than the other mixes of this in my opinion and his handy to have in your bag as most people won't have heard it. The difference between this and the other mixes is the crunchy rolling breaks and delayed bass tones bellowing forth from behind the drums. They don't use much of the vocal, saving it for the intro and breakdown but that doesn't matter as the rest of the tune stands up well.

    To round things off is Computer Tongue 96 which is most like standard Congo Natty fare with it's bouncy bass and stepping beats. The MCing on this one is the highlight with some seriously quickfire lyrics released from the mouth of Sizzla. Raggatastic.
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