Knowledge Magazine news - June 2006


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The news is in two parts, please be sure to read both (y) :)

Knowledge Magazine said:
Here at Knowledge HQ we’re pulling our collective finger out of our ass to prepare for the upcoming radio show on…we’re all champing at the bit. Basically think of it as an extension of what we do in the magazine and on the website, ie: a beefy mix ‘n’ blend of all the best drum’n’bass, breaks and hip-hop your ears can take, all brought to you by the mad beat scientist: DJ Dr Khan. Trust him…he’s a doctor!

He’ll be rinsing all manner of fresh dubs, promos, and white labels...basically having access to all the forthcoming tunes that are going to be rocking a dancefloor in the near future. Besides our resident “professor” doing his thing we’ll have a guest mix, which this time comes courtesy of DJ Cabby from Kool Fm. So you’ll be able to get the lowdown on future releases and gigs as well listen to exclusive dub plates.If that’s not enough to squeeze into two hours then we’ve got the “producer’s corner” where we profile a chosen…erm…producer plus the nostalgic “tune from the vault” which should bring a tear to the eye of even the most hardcore junglist.

Also on the menu we’ve got a wicked competition, the prize being the London Elektricity CD/DVD and a badboy Tshirt. All you have to do is answer this easy question:

How did wonderboy Wayne Rooney come to break a bone in his foot?

A) He dropped a tin of value baked beans on it while shopping at his local Lidl.

B) After a vigorous session, an auld slapper trod on him with her white stilletto.

C) While failing to score against Premiership champions Chelsea.

D) During a particularly energetic line-dancing routine down the working mans club.

You can answer the question on the Life FM website (, the winner will be announced at the end of July’s show.

Oh and one last thing: any aspiring producers out there who want to get some air play this is your chance…this is open to unsigned artists only, so if that’s you AIM your stuff over to saraknowledge and if she’s feeling your vibe you might just have made your first step towards the giddy heights of superstardom.

So make note of the vital stats:, Thursday 13 July, 8 – 10pm, The Knowledge Magazine Show. No excuses…you have been warned!
Knowledge Magazine said:
Knowledge Magazine Press Release – Unsigned Reviews

Now we all know that life can be hard for up-and-coming producers. Once you’re happy with your tune you have the daunting prospect of firing the track out to whoever you think will listen to seldom receive any feedback or advice. That is all about to change as Knowledge Magazine is throwing a life preserver to the hordes of drowning souls desperate to inflict their beats upon the masses. Every issue Knowledge will be reviewing, critiquing and giving props to the best drum & bass from unsigned producers to provide them with insight gained from being at the top of the jungle tree for over 10 years. Digital Nation editor John Murray Hill will act as commander-in-chief and help wage war against the corporate decision-making drones in a bid to draft in greater numbers of the breakbeat army.

Submissions should be sent by email to and he will dispense his wisdom accordingly, with the best eight featured in the magazine each month.